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The ride is gentle, luxurious and comfortable bloon is safe and green by design

Imagine flying above the mass of the atmosphere, seeing it shine bluish and thin below. Imagine the most amazing views of our planet among the stars and Sun blazing day and night against the blackness of space. Now stop imagining. Come bloon with us to the ultimate destination made reality. Space travel.


Soar through the ozone layer and beyond and share an unparalleled view of our world. It's a gentle experience, no need to rush. See our planet in her true glory, knowing that your trip not only did no harm, but helped protect her. The bloon will show you a totally new way of being one with the Earth.


Your ascent is graceful, pleasant and quiet. Private and customisable, each flight carries only 4 travellers and 2 pilots. The descent is as gentle as the journey up and anyone who can travel in an aircraft can have this experience. Country Holidays is your exclusive agent in Singapore to offer this life‐lasting experience.

  • Emissions: it's green by design, no need to plant trees
  • Explosives: we use batteries and inert gas
  • Environmental impact: no noise, no pollution, no infrastructure
  • Motion sickness: no need for sustained extreme accelerations
  • Strenuous training: just relax and enjoy
  • Medical Checkups: you are already fit to fly
  • Customizable experience: for private use or for sponsoring companies
  • Peaceful: it's the most silent flying machine ever
  • Safe: it's our first priority
  • Proven technology: all components have an excellent track record
  • Wider appeal: anybody can fly, from children to seniors
  • Private: no passenger list
  • Cost-effective: the best-value near-space encounter
  • Friendly: our expert pilots will brief you and explain all that happens before, during and after the flight
From dream to reality
bloon will take you to the edge of our atmosphere. From here you will see it glow, bluish and thin, a fragile protection from the harshness of the cosmos. The stars and the sun will blaze day and night on your journey to the edge of our world.
Bloon Experience
Day 1
Fly to launch site and transfer to the bloon resort on 2 night full board basis. Have an orientation and visit the observatory.
Day 2
Attend a scientific briefing and safety training and thereafter, get back into your best shape with a detox and massage.
Day 3
Lift off still at night and encounter your first dawn from the edge of the atmosphere (space flight duration of 5 hours). Your descent is gentle and the welcome team is waiting to give you a debriefing session. Receive a video of your experience and be transferred to the airport.
Customise your experience
  • Enjoying a ***Michelin menu onboard.
  • Flying from/to a specific location (to see your own country from the bloon...).
  • Watching a solar eclipse.
  • Booking the whole pod for only 2 people for extra privacy.
  • Design the cabin and facade of the bloon for that special occasion.
  • Flying with a retired professional astronaut who will provide a commentary.
  • Training for high-altitude balloon piloting.
  • Bringing a telescope.
Ticket Price
€110,000 per person
Ticket inclusion:
  • bloon flight
  • Return transfers to the closest airport from launch site
  • 2 night pre-flight stay in exclusive Bloon resort on full board basis
  • Pre-flight activities: space briefing, safety training, detox & massage
  • Personal video of flight experience
(Ticket price is subject to change)
* Country Holidays reserves the right to changes on the promotion at its discretion. Flight is without taxes based on business class tickets departing from Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing or cities deemed of equivalent flight value by Country Holidays.
    (65) 6334 6120