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Mnemba Island 2014 216

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The Reasons You Will Love Our Finesse Collection

1. Immersion
Every hotel in the collection has crafted its unique experience so beautifully that it deserves to be a destination in its own right! These experiences immerse you in the full authenticity of the environment. Meet real locals at your doorstep, soul-search in your balcony overlooking the stunning surrounds and marvel at a piece of history that could well be your bed!

2. Indulgence
Indulge in The Good Life. All these hotels promise all your creature-comforts for your restful holiday - along with warm and personalized service.

3. Country Holiday's Endorsement
We have over the decade, painstakingly perfected the art of delivering best experiences as tour specialists. With that, we bring to you hotels we have personally experienced from our 5 regions of specialization!

4. Value Added and Convenience
We are happy to pass on the value-added benefits (such as upgrades and complimentary services) that we are currently enjoying through our strong relationships with hotels, with you. At the same time, complete your holiday by booking all your flights, transfers, tour-extensions through us!