Sitting upon the Ring of Fire, Philippines is naturally endowed with the most spectacular range of geological formations as well as being one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world.

It is a paradisiacal haven for nature lovers. Cruise down the quiet mangroves in a private boat to enjoy the company of teeming fireflies or snorkel under azure waters to greet the marine wildlife; the possibilities are endless.

Philippines is also a true melting pot of culture coming from its colourful heritage of Spanish and American colonization, Asian and Pacific geographical influence as well as a vibrant minority culture. Unique landscapes and traditions arise out of this, so be prepared to be awed by the sights we bring to you, such as wondrous hanging coffins along cave walls in Sagado and the fortified historic district of Intramurros left behind by the Spanish.


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Family Fun In Bohol
From RMB 11,650/Adult
From RMB 11,650/Adult

Be transported into the natural wonderland of Bohol. Go dolphin-watching on Pamilican Island. View the stunning Chocolate Hills – more than a thousand cone-shaped hills resembling chocolate drops scattered on the landscape.

Philippines - Northern Luzon Mountain Adventure
From RMB 13,270/Adult
7 days
From RMB 13,270/Adult

Intriguing, that’s what Northen Luzon is. Sagada’s tradition of hanging coffins suspended on cave walls is an eye-opener into the traditions of the area. Behold the wondrous sight of Banaue’s stepped rice terraces, unlike any other. Have a guided tour of the walled city of Manila, an insight to its past.