This vast and diverse country, occupying the northern part over two continents from Poland to Japan and a main player in world history demands travel attention.
Its architecture is both glorious and hideous, the art is sensational and the people can be touchingly friendly.
Absurd Fabergé eggs? Extraordinary onion domes? White Nights out in St. Petersburg in summer?Caviar crepes? Slamming vodka with your taxi driver in Moscow? Russian Ballet, Opera or Circus? Yes, please.
Big, brutal, beautiful and intriguing, Russia is an enigma that's got to be sampled by any serious traveller.

Best Season

May - Oct

St. Petersburg And Moscow
From RMB 26,235/Adult
7 days
From RMB 26,235/Adult

The biggest country in the world with a long history – from the Tsars, Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible …… to Lenin, Stalin or the infamous KGB. While Moscow is the epicenter of power, St. Petersburg eludes the charm of the European Renaissance era.