The geography of Chile can be described as extraordinary or stunning. In less than 200km, you descend from the snowy peaks of Andes to the Pacific Ocean.

Torres Del Paine National Park with its craggy peaks rising out from the rolling alpine plain is not to be missed. The Lake District around Puerto Varas is the centerpiece of pristine natural beauty of the country and up north in the snow-capped mountains is a dramatic contrast with the spectacular rugged desert. And there is more, the fjords in its southern coastline, the wine regions around the capital Santiago…The list goes on.

Best Season

Nov – Mar

particularly for the Lake district, Torres del Paine and the South. Santiago and the North are all year round destinations.

Chile - From Desert To The Andes
From RMB 47,900/Adult
13 days
From RMB 47,900/Adult

The trip starts from its capital Santiago before we fly north into Calama to experience the Atacama Desert. Then, we fly south to the Chilean Lake District, a lovely region of alpine lakes, pine-clad mountains and snow-capped volcanoes. Then, it is Torres Del Paine National Park, rated by many as the most scenic in the South America continent.

Across the Atacama Desert - Bolivia to Chile
From RMB 47,900/Adult
From RMB 47,900/Adult

Immerse in the rugged and raw beauty of remote Bolivia and Chile. Journey deep into the Southwestern circuit of the Salar de Uyuni to discover awe-inspiring, wild and diverse natural landscapes! Drive overland into Chile and be intrigued by steaming geyser fields, the bizarre Moon Valley, Andean village in the driest desert in the world!