Bolivia is also commonly known as Tibet of South America because of its geography on the barren and rugged desert plateau on the Andes.

La Paz has one of the most unique settings, a depression on a plateau 4000m high. Its market is one of the most colorful and rustic. Outside La Paz, you have Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world; Tihuanaco ruin, a spectacular archaeological site that pre-dates Machu Picchu, the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Sucre and Potosi and the unworldly Unuyi Salt Flat.


Best Season

May - Oct

Cool and dry

Across the Atacama Desert - Bolivia to Chile
From RMB 47,900/Adult
From RMB 47,900/Adult

Immerse in the rugged and raw beauty of remote Bolivia and Chile. Journey deep into the Southwestern circuit of the Salar de Uyuni to discover awe-inspiring, wild and diverse natural landscapes! Drive overland into Chile and be intrigued by steaming geyser fields, the bizarre Moon Valley, Andean village in the driest desert in the world!