Tibet & Qinghai

Tibet is The Roof of the World.

From the fascinating holy capital of Lhasa through the moonlike Tibetan plateau and over mighty Himalayas, through historical small townships of Gyantze and Shigatze to the base camp of Everest, or to Ganden Monastery via two 5000m passes.

Encounter herd camps on the way to the first Tibetan monastery Samye and enter Tibet by one of the most stunning train journey in the world! Feast your eyes with the snow-covered mountains, icy peaks, Gobi deserts, vast pastures, sparkling lakes, rare animals and colorful nomads.

Best Season



Cool and dry Summers and less-crowded Winters. 

Lhasa - Window into Tibet
From RMB 11,400/Adult
4 days
From RMB 11,400/Adult

Capture alluring experiences of Tibet with a short trip to Lhasa, the capital, striking a balance between seeing some of the most outstanding monasteries, having time to roam the bazaars and experiencing the spectacular landscape.

Lhasa, Gyantze and Xigatze - Heart of Tibet
From RMB 15,500/Adult
7 days
From RMB 15,500/Adult

This trip takes you through the heart of Tibet. Starting at Lhasa, we journey through the superlative landscape of the roof of the world - cross 5000m passes, see high latitude lake and drive across endless barren plateau. Experience the smaller Tibetan township of Gyantze and Xigatze.

Tibet with the Train Journey - Crossing the Roof of the World
From RMB 18,865/Adult
8 days
From RMB 18,865/Adult

Enter Tibet by one of the most stunning train journey in the world!  Travel through the heart of Tibet. Start at Lhasa and cross 5000m passes and experience the smaller Tibetan township of Gyantze and Xigatze.

Tibet - Journey to the Far West
From RMB 25,500/Adult
From RMB 25,500/Adult

Head to the remote and inaccessible far west of Tibet on this itinerary via the gateway of Ali, this itinerary is perfect for the intrepid and adventurous. Expect to be amazed by the virtually-unknown ruins of the ancient Guge kingdom at Tsaparang, the sacred Mt. Kailash, and Lake Manasarovar, on top of the very stunning and diverse landscapes from turquoise lakes to craggy mountains to glaciers.

Tibet Overland Adventure with Everest Base Camp - Crossing the Himalayas
From RMB 29,795/Adult
10 days
From RMB 29,795/Adult

A journey for the adventure seekers! Start in Lhasa before making an overland journey across the moonlike Tibetan plateau and over the mighty Himalayas. The highlight is a day hike to the Base Camp of Mt Everest.