Taiwan truly represents the Golden Mean between natural beauty and man-made wonders.

Boasting the economic metropolis of Taipei, which includes the Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world, the island also offers a ton of natural beauty, such as the wind shaped coastal rock sculptures at Yeliu, the crystalline emerald green waters of Sun Moon Lake, or the mountainous Taroko National Park which is home to many flora and fauna.

Best Season


Avoid Chinese New Year period when shops and restaurants are closed.

Taiwan Scenic Splendour - Taipei, Taroko Gorge, Sun Moon Lake
From RMB 12,880/Adult
6 days
From RMB 12,880/Adult

Starting at the metropolitan city of Taipei, visit themed museums and take in the scenic countryside of Yeliu and Jiufen. An overnight trip to the eastern coast of Taroko Gorge National Park allows you to enjoy the natural scenery. Relax by the Sun Moon Lake and its crystalline, emerald green waters that reflect from the surrounding hills and mountains.

Taiwan Round Island - Taipei, Taroko Gorge, Tainan, Sun Moon Lake
From RMB 15,750/Adult
8 days
From RMB 15,750/Adult

This round island trip is a combination of history, culture and scenic beauty of Taiwan. Explore the metropolitan capital of Taipei and feel the pulse of the city in its night market and modern skyscrapers. Take a scenic train ride to the Taroko Gorge, and continue to the historical sites of Tainan. End the trip in beautiful Sun Moon Lake.

Taipei Essential
From RMB 8,995/Adult
4 days
From RMB 8,995/Adult

This trip to Taipei and surrounding areas is not to be missed by first timer. Learn its history and culture through the themed museums and ascend the world acclaimed Taipei 101 skyscraper. Hold your breath at the beautifully wind shaped rock in Yeliu; enjoy half a day hike on Yangmingshan national park and rejuvenate yourself in the natural hot spring; last but not least fulfill your taste adventure with the famous night market street food.

Taiwan - The Old And Modern Capitals -Tainan & Taipei
From RMB 11,550/Adult
5 days
From RMB 11,550/Adult

Observe and compare the diversity offered by the two cities are – Tainan, the former capital endowed with historical site and Taipei, the capital of Taiwan now, a dynamic metropolis, vibrant and exciting. See the countryside and the treasures she keeps and have a taste of one of the special local eats that is unique to the city!