Somewhat isolated and idiosyncratic, Turkmenistan intrigues!

From the grand and lavish palaces, gold statues and marble monuments in the over-manicured capital of Ashgabet to the mysticism that hangs over pilgrimage sites and ancient ruins - this is most certainly a uniquely Turkmen experience!

For the politically-curious, Turkmenistan, best known for the eccentricities of its late dictator Saparmurat Niyazov whose personality cult is omnipresent (the legend prevails although the process of dismantling is on-going with the new leadership), presents an opportunity to take a peek into one of world’s few totalitarian rules. History buffs will enjoy the ancient cities like Merv, and Konye-Urgench while nature-lovers will appreciate the haunting beauty of the Karakum Desert (Black Sand) and the occasional quirks of coloured canyons, dinosaur footprints and burning gas craters.

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Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - Linking Asia to Europe
From RMB 20,000/Adult
From RMB 20,000/Adult

Starting from Tashkent, the modern capital of Uzbekistan and Central Asia’s main transportation hub, discover rapidly-changing Ashgabat, the off-beat, nouveau-riche capital of Turkmenistan; the remains of mighty Merv; Bukhara and Samarkand, whose modern sections lie side-by-side with the great monuments from the time when the overland trade from East and West met.