Kyrgyzstan boasts some of the most incredible natural sights in Central Asia: mountains, alpine valleys, glaciers, rugged steppe, glittering ice-blue high altitude lakes and more. It is as much of a playground for outdoor pursuits as it is for a cultural and historical kaleidoscope into this half-forgotten region.

Immerse yourself in its wealth of nomadic traditions, soak in the old bazaar towns to relive its commercial past having been part of the main Silk Road highway and listen to the many stories of battles and conquests over centuries. If you’re one to seek for adventures, be spoilt for choices for a picturesque spot for some horse-back riding, trekking, heli-skiing, or simply enjoy a night of camping under the star-crowded skies in true Kyrgyz nomadic fashion! Don’t miss this low-profile wonder of the world!

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Mar - Sep


Kyrgyzstan Across The Tian Shan - Overland From Kashgar to Almaty
From RMB 38,900/Adult
From RMB 38,900/Adult

The mountain range known as Tian Shan (‘Celestial Mountains’) marks the border of Chinese Xinjiang and the Central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan, and continues across northern Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan border. This is a country of dramatic scenery, with dozens of peaks over 5000 m high, thousands of glaciers and some beautiful highland lakes.