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Located in southwest China, Guilin and Guizhou still retain large swaths of undiscovered territories occupied by colorful ethnic minorities.

Being the typical Karst terrain, Guilin is well-known for hundreds of towering limestone peaks jutting out of verdant rice paddies along the lovely Li River. Equally appealing is the well-kept colorful ethnic minorities in Guizhou. The challenging mountains has helped their cultures maintain their unique traditional ways in the face of encroaching modernization.

We show you Guilin and Guizhou at its best by:

- Allowing you to get off the beaten path and gain insight into the unique ways of life of the local folks and appreciate varied geography.

- Combining different ways of transport by driving, cruising, cycling, hiking and even bamboo rafting.

- Select the best time to join the ethnic groups’ festive celebrations.

- Immersing in local cultures and admire the colorful ethnic groups ornament, wearing, weaving, weaving and dying techniques.


  • Hike or bike through verdant Guilin countryside amidst hundreds of giant limestone peaks.
  • Stay in Li An Lodge and enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding rice terraces.
  • Catch the Impression of Liu San Jie Show by Zhang Yi Mou in Yangshuo
  • Catch a festival in Guizhou.
  • Watch the long-horn Miao lady arrange her hair.


In general the best season is from September to November when it is cool and dry and the best time to experience golden color of the harvest rice paddies. Winter is moderate and a little wet, but illuminated by the joyous lunar New Year celebrations.

The subtropical monsoon season lasts from April through August, during which time rain is frequent. From April to June, the mountains turn to a fresh tender green and this is when the Miao people celebrate their Sister festival or Lusheng festival.

The hottest months of the year are July and August and it is advisable to avoid this period if you are doing extensive outdoor trekking or cycling.


Concentrate on catching the Miao Sister Festival when villages are at their colorful best with local girls dressing up in the stunning costumes with brilliant display of embroidery and silver adornments. Small Group Tour with Shanghai Expat Association from May 1 - 5, 2015.
Stay overnight amidst the Longji rice terraces to immerse in the stunning views. Cruise the Li River in an intimate, private motorised bamboo raft.Enjoy quieter sections of the river and stop along the banks of the river to see local life.  And ride on a biking trail to see authentic villages.
This trip takes you to "a world of songs and a sea of dances". Guizhou still remains a secret from the mass tourists. With a combination of trekking and driving, we assess many villages and gain an insight on the interesting culture and life of these beautiful people in an equally beautiful land.
One of the most populous groups of ethnic minorities is the Miao and they celebrate over 20 festivals in one year in Guizhou. This itinerary concentrates on catching these festivals when the villages are at its colorful best with local girls dressing up in the stunning costumes with brilliant display of their embroidery and silvers...
Guizhou with its challenging terrain has managed to keep its many colorful ethnic minorities from mass tourism. Guilin's scenery tops the world! This journey takes you deep into some of the most inaccessible areas with untouched Miao, Dong, Yao & Zhuang villages.